In many parts of the world, hotels, cafes, houses, bedrooms, nightclubs, and retail establishments utilize neon signs to attract passing traffic and light the night sky. So, how are custom neon signs made?

  • First, we use illustrator applications to draw the sign sketch based on client’s inquiry.
  • Then, we utilize the string to create an outline of the design; doing so will assist in determining the exact length of LED neon bend lights required for the project.
  • Based on an estimated length, we cut several LED neon light strips as per requirement —Incorrect cutting could result in minor destruction.
  • We use a stretchable custom LED neon sign flexible lights to allow the freedom to construct neon signs. They can be trimmed to different lengths to produce the desired form.
  • Now, we place neon flexible light on drawings and make a cut every time we extend the length of letters or forms.
  • Then, we create holes using a drilling machine; the holes must be placed at the end of every strip, where they join with the next one.
  • It is necessary to connect the conductor wire among the LED neon bend lights because every time we cut, an end of the cable was exposed inside the light strip. A soldering iron is needed to attach them.
  • Whenever welding a link, we have to run the wire through the base and back out at the following letter or shape we are welding. This maintains the base/connections substrate's hidden.
  • Now, we have to place the LED neon flex lights in position with glue.

We focuses on high-quality neon LED lights as a contemporary alternative to traditional design. We offer various custom neon sign designs with multiple colors and patterns. Bright, colorful LED neon signs can liven up any space, whether a house, a company or a special event. We have a team of talented experts who can turn your vision into a custom neon sign.

Whether planning a party or trying to boost your company's visibility, an original custom neon sign is the ideal decoration for both. We can assist you in designing the perfect ambiance for your event. To enjoy the splendor and brightness of a neon light sign, contact us at and let us know which type of custom LED sign you need.