Colors can be used to express your personality. So, when it comes to decoration and design, choosing a color and the right one can be a huge task. From bringing vibrancy to your setting to lending a deep meaning to your décor, colors can be all this and much more. Choosing the right color is very crucial even when you are just picking it up for custom neon signs for your home or office because the right color can make all the difference!


People usually make the mistake of neglecting the color selection process while buying their custom-led signs and end up killing the vibe they wished to bring in the first place. So, believe me when I tell you that colors can make or break it!


Therefore, always choose an appropriate color for relaying the true personality of your home theme or business motto with your neon light signs as well as the backdrop color for your signs, or it can easily backfire and ruin the aesthetics of your place. Or you could get professional help from Badass Neon and pick the right color without hassle. Choose from a wide range of available color options according to the theme and personality of your place. But, let’s dive in and get a gist of the color coding first, shall we?


Here are a few color theme suggestions you can try to spruce up the interiors of your home/office/business the right way:

Contrast your colors

If you want to bring out something or focus on another, then using contrasting colors to express your meaning would be the right thing to do. For instance, the famous black and white contrast that is used plenty of times to bring out and highlight the difference in one another. So, if your home has a light backdrop, choose a darker neon sign color to make it stand out.

Complement your colors

Another option is to use complementary colors rather than contrasting ones. This option is perfect for you if you like things to be subtle, not too loud, and clear. Choose a color and then take one shade darker or lighter of the same color and complement them with each other. This option will be perfect if you love to keep things subliminal and not too bold and outstanding.



Here are a few don'ts that you must avoid at all costs, or your neon sign will be a huge disaster:

Don’t go for all dark shades

You must avoid using different dark shade neon sign against a dark backdrop. I mean, it will actually kill the idea of the neon sign as nothing will be prominent, and you wouldn't be able to send your message across. Besides, it will make your décor dull and gloomy, which is never a good idea.

Don’t overmatch

Matching everything never works out. For instance, a green neon sign against a green wall, does that sound right to you? Absolutely not! One single color for it all never makes sense, as it will not allow you to make anything stand out or convey your meaning. Moreover,  it will all become boring and meaningless.

Appropriate Color for the Space

Always pay heed to the area for which you are choosing the color, whether it is for the sitting area or your bedroom, home office or your work desk, for your retail business or office lobby. The color you choose must be relevant to the setting and theme of the space, or it will end up looking out of place and odd.

Mismatching cool and warm tones

Contrasting and complementing are all cool until you start mixing cool and warm tones; it becomes a disaster. Cool and warm colors are conflicting, and they leave a very negative psychological impact on your mind when combined. So, if you don’t want to mess with your brain, better don’t mismatch the cool and warm tones and keep them separate.

Don’t use colors in equal parts.

Geometries and ratios are always great when it comes to using colors. But using them in equal proportions is a bad idea that will ruin the aesthetics completely. If you are going for multiple colors, choose a dominant color that will accentuate your neon sign.

Color Combinations to go for

Here are a few color combinations that you must go for if you have the following backdrops:

Red Background

If you have a red wall, then you can safely go for any of the following colored neon lights and neon signs:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • multicolored

Choose any of the above colors keeping in view the overall color scheme of your interior.

Blue Background

If you have a dark blue wall, then you can go for any of the following colored neon lights and neon signs:

  • Lilac
  • Shades of yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

For the light blue backdrop, choose:

  • Pink
  • Cherry red
  • Dark purple
  • Cream/off white

Choose any of these colors to complement your theme.


Green Background

If you have a green wall or a backdrop of plants, then you can go for any of the following colored neon lights and neon signs:

  • Orange
  • Golden yellow
  • Shades of red
  • Blue
  • Pink

Choose any of the above colors keeping in view the overall color scheme of your interior.


Yellow Background

If you have a yellow wall, then you can choose any of the following colored neon lights and neon signs:

  • Violet
  • Red
  • Blue

Choose a color according to the overall color scheme of your interior.

Bottom Line

Here I sign off, hoping that you will get help from this guide while choosing the right color for your neon signs. I recommend that you get custom neon lights so that you can use as many colors (appropriate ones) as you want and make your décor vibrant and happening! You can always get professional help from Badass Neon to make the most out of your neon signs!