Are you planning to get a custom neon sign for your wedding? If yes, then you have a lot of work and thinking to do prior to that. First things first, you need to figure out whether you wish to keep your name or would want to change it post-wedding. Once you have figured it out, you must know that grammars are a crucial part, and you must not massacre it and create a cringe-worthy wedding sign. For that matter, we have brought you the grammar rules that you must know while designing your wedding name neon sign. Let’s delve into these rules and help you get the best out of your wedding name sign.

How to make your Last name a plural?

Are you planning to get a wedding name neon sign for your wedding and then want to place it in your home later? Well, that is absolutely a great idea to let the world know how amazing a bond you share with your spouse. Also, it will be a good way to keep the spark alive and let the love between you and your partner grow. So, how exactly should you make your last name plural? Here are the grammar rules to follow and make the perfect sign.

  • The general rule is to simply add an 's' at the end. Like if your last name is Johnson, simply add an 's' and make it "Johnsons."
  • However, if your name ends in any of the following, then you must add an 'es': ch, sh, s, x, z. for instance, Bush, then you must get it written like "The Bushes."
  • Side note: if you are going to add some dos, then please don't make it the Do's as it is plural, not a possession.

How and when to use the apostrophe?

Don't let a misleading apostrophe become a reason for confusion or frustration for anyone at your wedding. Its incorrect usage can get on some people's (read my) nerves. Here's when we use an apostrophe to show the possession of something:

  • That is Johnson’s phone.
  • The Smith’s cat is so cute.
  • Let’s go to my mama’s house.

You shouldn't use the apostrophe in your wedding sign in case you are only making it plural. The Jonathan's would be wrong. However, if you add a possession like The Jonathan's Home Sweet Home, then it will make sense!

Another important grammar rule is to know the difference between YOU'RE and YOUR. ‘You’re’ is the abbreviation of you are. You can use it as:

  • You’re looking so pretty.
  • You’re doing it the wrong way.

On the other hand, you show possession or ownership of something like:

  • Is that your cat?
  • Your dress is very nice.

When it comes to wedding neon sign, if you plan on writing you're mine, make sure that it doesn't get miswritten as 'Your mine' as it would lose the meaning and get many people freaking out for the grammar.

The best idea would be to hire a professional for your wedding neon sign so that nothing goes wrong. Discuss with them in detail what you want and expect from your wedding neon sign, and make it clear to them that grammar mistakes would be a major turn-off for you. Better, write down what you have finalized for your neon sign and give it to them with clear instructions regarding the color scheme, font, and size of size.

Choosing an LED neon light would be the perfect idea when it comes to your wedding name neon sign. These are very trending nowadays and would lend the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. You can get a whole picture backdrop designed around it. Choose colors and font according to your wedding theme, and it would just enhance the look of your wedding venue. Moreover, you don't need to waste it after the wedding and rather use it as a home in your home as a decorative item. It would serve as a great way to bond with your spouse as it will remind you both of your big days.

Bottom Line

We know that wedding is the biggest day of one’s life and nothing; I repeat, absolutely nothing should come into its way and ruin it for you. I hope my mini-guide regarding the custom neon sign with your wedding name and the grammar mistakes to avoid would help you design the most happening sign. You can connect with BadassNeon to help you with the perfect wedding name neon sign according to your likes and preferences. If you have more of the grammar rules that you think I may have missed out, comment those below and let us know. We would love to know more!

Wishing you all the best for your wedding and more!