Neon signs are making waves. Have you been crushing over the neon signs of your favorite influencer? Do you want to bring new prospects to your business by interesting the onlookers with a custom neon light? Well, custom neon signs are the right way to go in 2022.

So, if you are having thoughts about getting custom-led signs, you must try to understand choosing and buying them first. When you have rasp on all the points involved in choosing and buying the right custom neon signs, the process will become seamless and hassle-free for you. For that matter, we have brought you a comprehensive guide on the topic. Let’s delve into the details and help you make the right decision:

Identify the Purpose of your Custom Neon Sign

First of all, you need to determine the purpose of your custom neon sign. What exactly do you wish to achieve through it? Do you want it for your wedding? Do you want to advertise something? Do you wish to accentuate a particular corner or wall of your home? are you a business owner looking for eye candy to lure customers? Are you a service provider like a salon or a boutique and wish to add an Insta-worthy backdrop for your clients? Once you are clear about the purpose of the neon sign, you will be able to determine the features of your sign:

For instance, if you are using the neon sign outdoor, the vendors need to know and design it accordingly. Whether you have a power supply near the neon sign point or you will need the option of a rechargeable battery and so on.

LED Neon Light

The LED Neon sign is becoming the most popular type of neon sign for various reasons. From being able to save energy to being lightweight yet durable, this safe-to-touch option is perfect to hang anywhere in your home/office or even retail store. Moreover, you can get it customized according to your purpose, color theme, and background. The price isn’t an issue either as it is a very affordable thing to own.


Neon Sign Size

Another factor you need to weigh before ordering your neon sign is the size of the wall that you want to place it on. So that you can measure the size of the sign. Measure the space carefully and ensure that you get a sign that is big enough for the space to be visible. However, it shouldn't be too big, or the wall may look overdone and crowded. So, if you are planning on making your neon sign the focal point that as soon as someone enters the room, it grabs their attention, then choose the size carefully. You can also get professional help to get it designed according to the exact dimensions of your available space.

Neon Sign Color

The next most important factor to consider before buying your custom neon sign is to finalize the colors in which you need it. Finalizing the colors can be a bit tricky and overwhelming. Here's what you must do:

  • Consider the background color against which you are going to use the sign. Choose a color that contrasts or complements the backdrop according to your preference. Don't choose a dark-colored neon sign if you have a dark background. Go for a lighter shade.
  • Make sure you choose a color that goes well with the overall theme of your space and doesn't look out of place.
  • Try to blend in colors in geometry or any other form you like but don’t go for equal proportions.

These tips will help you to find an appropriate and complementing colored neon sign for your home/business that will accentuate your space and elevate the look.

Neon Sign Font Styles

Another very crucial point to consider while choosing your neon led light is the font. First things first, no matter how cool the font is or how much you love a particular font, it is advised never to go for the one that is difficult when it comes to being ready. The neon sign will lose its essence right that moment when it will not be readable for others. Another tip is to avoid cursive writing and choose large text font in a color that is contrasting to the background of your sign. You can also connect with a professional neon sign vendor, and they shall advise you on the font that would be perfect for your sign. BadassNeon is the ultimate neon sign shop that would love to help you with all your neon sign queries and custom design the perfect one for you.

LED Neon Sign Cost

Although the cost of a neon sign depends on factors like the design, size, and shape of the sign, it is still a very affordable decorative item out there, especially compared to the traditional glass signs. In any case, do consider the cost of the sign while designing or buying the sign according to your budget.

Bottom Line

I hope you liked our custom neon sign-buying guide and that it would help you weigh all the variables and make an informed purchase. You can connect with BadassNeon for the next-level custom-led neon signs and even get help designing and finalizing all the variables. Comment below if you think I missed out on any important variable we would love to improve.

Happy Neon Sign Shopping!