There isn't a house that wouldn't benefit from the addition of a neon sign, but determining the best spot in which to exhibit it may sometimes be challenging. After all, a neon sign has the potential to rapidly become a significant piece of art inside the space, bringing not just light and color but also a one-of-a-kind component to your house.

There is no question that you will want to get it perfect the first time, and in several instances, the location you select to hang your custom neon sign might impact the style you decide to use for it. A warm and inviting glow may be brought into living rooms, kitchens, your home office, dining, children’s rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of a house by the team here at Etsy.

They have designed, and fabricated many customs LED signs for residential use. Continue reading this article to assist you where you need to hang custom neon signs at your home.

Finding the right place to put up your neon sign:

To get the most out of a neon sign, consider where it will be placed before you purchase one. Placement may impact various aspects of a piece's design, including how large it will be and what it will look like when it's hung.

Putting your custom LED sign in a corridor with lots of people will damage it, so you'll want to safeguard it and make it last as long as possible. As a precaution, acrylic cases or covers are commonly used to protect the item. Now I’ll share with you some ideas about in which portion of your home you can hang custom neon signs:

Place neon signs in your bedroom:

For the bedroom, neon signs are an excellent option. Signs of peace should adorn the location where you sleep and relax, making you feel at ease. As a bonus, they offer a 'party vibe' to your bedroom and make it feel more pleasant.

Using custom neon signs to brighten and beautify your sleeping quarters is a novel idea. It might be a sign with your favorite slogan or mantra affixed to the headboard of your mattress. An anchor or crescent-shaped picture hanging around the room's walls might also be an option.

The neon sign might be attached to a wall or the bed's headboard. If you want a specific hue or size, you may select one most suited to you and your room.

Place neon signs in your children’s room:

Baby rooms or children's rooms can also decorate with custom—neon signs. There are many ways you may incorporate the names or nicknames of your children into your home. You may, for example, decorate the space with a piece of art depicting your favorite animated character or design. Or can you use any of the shapes for a neon sign that will enhance the room’s beauty more.

Place a neon sign at your mini home office:

You can even hang your favorite neon sign if you work from home and have a little office space. This neon sign provides an inspiration to work at home. You can also choose a neon custom statement to keep you motivated at your home office. It makes a beautiful splash of color at your mini office and provides a soothing, relaxing feeling.

Place a neon sign in your living area:

The living room is one more space in the house where you can hang a neon sign lighting. Living, relaxing, conversing with others, and enjoying hours with one's family or guests are all activities that may take place in the living room.

To turn the living room into a one-of-a-kind and exciting atmosphere, there ought to be room for neon signs. It may be something random, something personal, or even something humorous. A living area with a subdued color palette can be livened up with the addition of neon signage in vivid hues.

This might be a greeting sign that grabs the attention of whoever sees it and enters the living room, such as beneath the picture frames of images, over a door, or along a side wall. Try looking for motivation and ideas in various forms, such as slogans, photos, works of art, or thoughts. Adding neon signs to the living room may liven up a variety of spaces, including:

  • Behind the couch portion
  • At book or studying are
  • At the wall side of the living area
  • Front portion of the couch

Place a neon sign in your kitchen:

There isn't much room for decor in most kitchens because of the abundance of cabinets and equipment. It's the perfect place to hang one above a shelf, provided that you have some spare wall space. By going for a neon sign that doesn't have any backing, you can make the most of your available area while still answering the most often asked question in your home.

Decorating your kitchen with quirky neon signs is an excellent idea as well. The most fantastic neon signs fit in with the surroundings and reflect the ambiance of their location. In most kitchens, some slogans and signals are based on cooking and eating. You can use neon light signs with colorful reflections to give a traditional look to your dining rooms.

Wrapping up:

If you want an excellent interior design with a little edge, neon signs are essential to adorn the different areas of your house and the home itself. The family room, kitchen, bedrooms, tiny home office, child's room, and even restrooms are all excellent choices for displaying these lovely accessories and accents.

In addition to making a home look more appealing. Neon signs can also give it a more personal touch and enable the walls to communicate without generating noise. They are a safe bet in every situation.

You may alter your rooms with these bits of magic by selecting them in a form, size, design, and color that best suits your preferences from among the many available options. And if you look around and can't find anything that piques your attention, it's not hard to have a neon sign produced to order.